Welcome to slipshow’s documentation!

Slipshow is a tool specifically designed for technical presentations where traditional slides are not enough.

In a slipshow presentation, the equivalent of a slide is called a slip. Each slip is like a slide, but with no bottom limit. That is, the content can be arbitrarily long! During the presentation, the camera will “scroll” down to reveal the hidden content, following a script given by the presenter!

Here are the goals of slipshow, in no specific orders:

  • Lift restrictions from traditional slide-based presentation. In particular, make it closer to a blackboard presentation!

  • Easy to write and readable syntax: markdown with few extensions. No manual placement like in powerpoint. No crazy syntax like in latex.

  • Source of the presentation is plain text: much better for source control, sharing with people, using your favorite editor, readability, compatibility.

  • Open the possibility for a dynamic presentation. Watching scientific popularization video demonstrates how well-chosen animations can make a difficult subject more understandable.

Slipshow compiles files written in an extension of markdown, to a standalone html file viewable offline in any web browser.

We advise you to start by reading the Tutorial. You can also peek at the Examples.